Yacht Life Vodka is "liquid luxury", enjoyed by prestige spirit connoisseurs as a sipping vodka as well as those looking for a perfect vodka for blending into cocktails (like the Yacht Life Vodka Yachtini™!). Yacht Life Vodka is created from only two pure ingredients – water and the finest American wheat, each harvest of grain carefully inspected before being distilled no less than 16 times in a pure copper still, then filtered to further remove impurities, resulting in a smooth, sophisticated spirit that proves simplicity is a keystone of luxury.


Designed with a seafaring consumer in mind, Yacht Life Vodka’s bottle is square and slim to provide little air space when storing aboard a yacht for long term expeditions to far flung exotic locations, and the bottle’s modern art design makes it an alluring addition to any premium spirits bar or personal collection - on land or on the water. Elevate your drinking experience with Yacht Life Vodka, "A Taste of the Good Life".

Distilled and bottled in Florida. For more information visit yachtlifevodka.com

Tasting Notes

A sophisticated vodka with a smooth taste and finish, proving simplicity is a keystone of luxury.

ABV / Proof
40% / 80